Rather be Right

Democrats divided -


If there was one term that seems to be over used during the initial stages of the 2020 presidential campaign, it would be hypocrisy / hypocritical. Opposing sides likes to look at their competition and try to provide examples of hypocrisy. I am guilty of the same thing but the democrats make it so easy to pick on because they are the masters of identity politics. Yes, our country is divided and left reminds us of that on a regular basis. Ask yourself who continues to have terms in their rhetoric such as ‘black and brown people’, ‘white men’, ‘communities of color’ and ‘the black vote’? Democrats can only succeed if there is division and a continual fight. Classification and identity must be at the forefront of democratic talking points. Now my continuation on hypocrisy and how it surfaces when democrats speak. This week Trump unveiled ideas for immigration reform. Immigration policy is and has been broken for years. Democrats are complaining that there is a racist white man in office and he should not have the power to massage immigration and decide what America looks like. We just went through eight (8) years of Obama and there was no complaining by the democrats about what our eleven (11) million illegal immigrants looked liked. Further, Trump’s ideas for immigration would only enhance the talent capabilities and ability to make significant contributions to America. It is a policy based on Merit and true diversity. We know democrats have a huge problem with accountability and responsibility but now they are having problems with merit. Open arms and hugging people that have limited ability to be self sufficient in a competitive environment can not be continually sustained. Trump does want to alter immigration policies for the enhancement of diversity. Why would this concept be challenged by democrats? Take a look at the undocumented / illegals in American (estimated 11 million). What is the percentage of Norwegian people, Engineers, Doctors or those with higher education? This group is not diverse and how dare Trump try to enhance the requirements which would help ALL Americans. Diversity matters to democrats as long as you have the credentials and appearance of those fleeing ailing countries. If your success in life has been limited and you will obviously struggle in a AI dominated workforce, democrats want to give you health care, education and opportunity. Problem is, democrats do not want to extend any olive branches to educated or self sufficient immigrants because they will not be dependent on government programs. Why do democrats fear educated people that have merit? Why do democrats fear real diversity among immigrants? I wish democrats would stop crying when our leadership is trying to make real enhancements and progress toward diversity in America. I would Rather be Right and help those who can help themselves. YES - that is a Republican phrase.

If you want diversity and progress in America, vote for Trump.