Rather be Right

Great news cycle for democrats -


While watching the news this evening I was so jealous of democrats. In just one hour I was able to watch Cory Booker ‘backstage’ on the beat with Ari Melber. If you missed it, I’m sorry because Booker went freestyle with his hip hop talent. The sad thing is, Booker said that he would not rap during debates but he does want to be authentic to the American public. A quick change of the channel and I was able to view another democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. That’s right, Andrew Yang, another who in the world is that candidate. Andrew’s message is a strong one. He wants to give every American, eighteen and over, $1000.00 a month until they are 65. Is this the definition of buying votes? This is not a mistake, $12,000 a year to all adults because he is concerned lower skilled workers will be displaced by AI. How great is this, free money if you are not skilled!! This follows the inept logic of giving an addict free needles. We can see how giving things away is working for the liberal west coast. Triple bonus for those on the west coast, live in a tent, get free needles AND receive a monthly gift of $1000. It gets better. If your democrat and you have a stellar reputation of destroying a city, you should run for president. Bill de Blasio is now the 23rd democratic presidential candidate. Stop laughing. I will not dive to deep into this one because he has an even lower chance to win in 2020 than Kirsten Gillibrand. It gets better. For those democrats that make fun of President Trumps health and appearance, the physically fit Stacy Abrams may consider a presidential run as late as this fall. It is so unfair. It seem like the democrats have quite a selection of candidates. I know you would Rather be Right so stick with the only candidate with a chance to win in 2020. Make your vote count and keep Trump in the WHITE HOUSE.