Rather be Right

NY Times just proved democrats are misleading -


Left media is falling over themselves to report on the release of Trump’s taxes. CNN (a network experiencing a freefall in viewership) spent hours trying to persuade Americans that Trump is a failure as a business man and mislead voters during the 2016 campaign. We have been subjected of the vile messaging from the left as they misinform us that Trump and his lawless administration is destroying our democracy and generating a constitutional crisis. This is a generated fallacy that democrats must try to prove because they are so heavily invested in ridiculous lies. Americans were misled on the notion that Mueller’s investigation and the release of Trump’s taxes would prove Trump’s collusion with Russia and how he is beholden to Moscow, possibly being blackmailed. This narrative and witch hunt has been pushed for years. After seeing a majority of Mueller’s report and now Trump’s taxes, where is the proof from democratic messaging? The distain and obsession for Trumps demise is now playing out behind the cloak of oversight. All the left can report is a loss of 1$ Billion dollars, not paying income taxes, a reduced net worth and no charitable contributions. (Bernie Sanders did not contribute a large percentage of his income either) I am a staunch Trump supporter and loosing a billion dollars within a decade does not change my mind about our superior president. Why do democrats believe they must set a new standard of American leadership? Democrats can call Trump a fraud, grifter and con man but his base will only enhance support for Trump being so unfairly demonized. Those that complain about Trumps business losses do not have their name on a tower or the side of a jet. Trump is successful by many standards and America is the beneficiary of strong leadership. You may scrutinize Trump’s business results / practices and try to diminish his reputation but you can not ignore the fact that our countries fiscal health (economy) is posting enormous achievements. Trump’s business friendly policies and tax cuts enable all Americans to take part and prosper in the current economic prosperity. Do not fall for democratic messaging. Our nation is experiencing economic growth at rates not experienced in decades. Democrats do not like the fact collusion does not exist and they really do not have a response for a good economy. Trump is a masterful politician and the democrats will only realize they are being played after he is sworn in for a second term. Defensive maneuvers and running a political campaign strictly on tarnishing the image of your opponent is a failing strategy. Democratic leadership does not have a message worthy of making a presidential change so they must hope the American people buy into a questionable business model of loosing money. If Donald Trump is a failure after becoming the leader of the free world, I hope I fail at everything I attempt. Obsession with any form of failure is not healthy and the left is being deceptive with a clear strategy of impeachment. Americans do not care if Trump is broke but we do care if he his exposure is being exploited by vindictive posturing. I know you would Rather be Right so do not become complacent with democrats lying about their intensions and hiding behind oversight excuses. When the official process of impeachment gains momentum, it will be a result of Trump’s continued success. Our democracy is not in jeopardy and Trump is not a dictator. Democratic concerns are mounting and drastic measures are required because beating our ‘broke con man’ via the electoral college is not realistic.