Rather be Right

Anything to make Trump look bad -


Both parties have over postured themselves to an extent any progress for the American people is not attainable. Trump has recently traveled overseas for Presidential state visits in Japan and Europe. The decisions and methods that major news outlets choose to cover our Presidents trips is deplorable. CNN and MSNBC are fixated on impeachment, counting Trump lies, protesters crowd size and a blow up baby Trump balloon. These topics take up a huge percentage of major media coverage. If Trump was not elected what would left wing news have to cover? Trump is continually criticized for making disparaging remarks toward political opponents while off American soil. Are you kidding me? The left will not stop with the childness harassment while Trump is representing our country during critical trips. The left news does not add much intelligent information, they just repeat the coverage of the Trump tower meeting (in 2016), Charllottesville comments, white supremacist crying and a Trump balloon flown by protesters. Congratulations left media, while you focus on making Trump look bad, he and his family are enjoying a European state visit. That’s right, the entire Trump family is ‘basking in the glow’ of the Royal family and our left media can not stand it. Don Lemon again will fill another night with White Supremacist nonessential news and a mention of transgender killings in Texas while omitting any coverage of FIFTY (50) shootings in ONE (1) Chicago weekend which killed TEN (10) people. Hey Lemon, several of the people shot in Chicago look like you yet you do not cover real news adequately while putting an emphasis on fake news like quoting Trump. Viewers do not care about your obsession with demoralizing Trump and ratings will show it. When your liberal and bias judgement gets in the way of real news, I question your ability to know what really matters. Yes, Trump continues to look good as a result of the left media trying to make him look bad. Bias news is ‘NASTY’ so I would Rather be Right and watch a real news source like Fox. Please promote Rather be Right.