Rather be Right

These people are sick –


Paul Manafort was sentenced to 47 months.  Media outlets and evening commentaries did not act like you would think, they acted worse.  The reaction to Manafort’s sentence was so adolescent and yes ‘sick’ it was difficult watching adults act like complete children.  I believe a major contributor to Judge Ellis’s decision was based on common sense.  Prior to Trump’s election, Paul Manafort’s name was a seldom heard and far from the common water cooler discussions of today.  Paul Manafort was another pawn that surfaced in a ‘trumped up’ investigation into a fictious collusion narrative.  The judge went out of his way to mention Manafort’s blameless life and we should question why and how Manafort is facing charges in the first place.  Manafort is guilty but he is first unfortunately guilty of being caught up in a witch hunt.  Without this being spelled out in crayons for the mainstream media it is up to them to connect the dots.  This will not happen because a rudimentary level of intellect is required.

The mainstream feels compelled to report and even adlib to the dominant news of the day.  When Manafort was sentenced, there was not even a close second story so we were subjected to commentary on steroids from the flunkeys.  Even those without JD degrees knew the guidelines for Manafort’s sentencing was between 19-24 years and when the reality of 47 months was given all hell broke out.  I am confident Judge Ellis delivered his sentence based on his exemplary experience and long history of service to his country.  The personalities that consume a majority of the nations screens during prime time constantly resort to bottom feeding tactics.  Just a few of the ignorant comments from the media and contributors included – rich guy privilege, an insulting sentence, very sad day for out country, people with Manafort’s ilk, shocked by sentence, absolute unfairness and the most arrogant commonly used accusation of inequality in sentencing based on race.   If you are in search of ratings and wish to appease to the easily influenced, race comparisons is always a topic that will fill minutes, pay exorbitant salaries and give legal analysts without clients something to do.

Popular networks did not stop with complaining and crying about the sentencing being far less than what prosecutors wanted, they expressed their desire for a longer sentence (and consecutive) to be given by Judge Jackson next week.  How pathetic and polar opposite of true journalism.  Why report news when it is far more interesting to give personal bleeding heart commentary and call it news?  I believe Judge Jackson is just as professional as Judge Ellis and will not have her judgement clouded by media outlets and left wing beliefs that have a vendetta towards President Trump.  Anyone associated with Trump should pay a higher price solely based on association is the true directive of left adolescence.  Why state the obvious or the truth when inserting personal opinions and FAKE news draws the masses?

I respect viewpoints that would Rather be Right.