Rather be Right

Nancy just got WOKE -


How quickly the celebratory exuberance of promoting diversity can be extinguished.  It has been slightly over two months since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi swore in House members of the 116th Congress.  Remember the headlines of how historic and diverse the latest House of Representatives was?  I am confident the amount of smiles have been drastically reduced from the photo ops on January 3rd.  Not a great week from a performance perspective for our new Speaker of the House.  You can say Nancy had a bit of trouble with the catastrophic failure anti-Semitic bill that was so watered down we must now acknowledge anti-hate to almost a million different groups.  The spin here is Republicans were not on board.  Well only democrats would need a bill to address hate and struggle getting that accomplished.  It is the democratic party and specifically Congresswomen IIhan Omar that is accused of delivering anti-Semitic messaging.  It is for that reason the House needed to write an anti-hate bill in the first place then look at the Republicans as not being cooperative.  Really?

Now the latest messaging from Freshman Omar is disparaging Obama for his policies while in office.  The very same members of the House that celebrated the first Muslim women to serve in congress are now voicing a message that is not as ‘pioneering’.   Media outlets are reporting comments directed toward freshman Omar include; write her off, let her go into a corner and forget her, don’t give her any attention, let her say what she wants and vile anti-Semitic slur. 

Does this seem like a House in control?  I do not think so but as a Republican I am applauding the democrats attempt to diversify congress and hope the progress they have made continues!! Please!!!   I believe the struggles among democratic house members are just beginning as they will quickly understand the policy ‘anything but Trump’ is an ultimate failure with the outcome being four more years of TRUMP. 

I will admit when the House shifted to democratic control I was concerned.  With recent decisions to elevate investigative pressure into the Trump administration, obvious headwinds within the democratic party, challenging our President to protect our boarders and the assembled field to mount a challenge to Trump in 2020, I am very optimistic for another Trump administration.

Trumps progress and message make sense. Democrats policy of everything for free and impeach our competition will be very challenging for Nancy to pull off.

After this week, I bet Nancy would Rather be Right.