Rather be Right

Tougher to cheat when you are not in control –


This will not take anyone following the political landscape by surprise.  Tom Perez, the current DNC Chairman made the decision not to include FOX as one of the networks to moderate / host any of the Democratic parties debates during the 2020 campaign.  In typical spin the Chairman gave an interview on MSNBC where he expressed his concern that FOX was not competent enough moderate a fair and neutral debate.  After Perez admitted he has respect for Chris Wallace of FOX he continued with his concern FOX is not able to provide a ‘fair shake’.  Repeatedly, Perez focused on the lack of a ‘fair shake’ concern

Now there are daily hypocritical situations in todays politics from both sides but this situation is upsetting on many levels.  Democrats are continually complaining about the message delivered by FOX News and often referring it to an extension of the White House.  In typical Democratic fashion, lets boycott – complain – omit and exclude competition.  Democrats constantly convey the propaganda that every vote matters and messaging matters.  Eliminating FOX as a campaign debate moderator is a decision in direct contract to the message Democrats are so desperate to deliver.

After mentioning respect for Chris Wallace but continuing with the narrative that FOX is not able to provide the ‘fair shake’ Perez is in search of, one should revisit Democrats effort to deliver a ‘fair shake’ during the 2016 debates.  Simply put – was a ‘fair shake’ provided in 2016 during a debate when Hillary Clinton was given answers prior to any other candidate?  This was achieved without any influence from FOX.  FOX was conveniently omitted as a network during the 2016 debates as well.  It is so much easier to cheat on your own turf.  I believe Chris Wallace, Bret Bair or Martha MacCallum (previously with CNBC) are just a few examples of professional moderators (at FOX) completely competent of holding questions confidentially.  It was reported by the Washington Post that the previous interim DNC chair was not even sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton and her only regret was getting caught.    FOX will not provide a lack of control and unprofessionalism the Democrats are in search of and therefore one could expect the breadth of audience will be limited at the direction of Tom Perez. 

Close on this thought – with all the negative attention directed toward Republicans and President Trump by the mainstream media, could you imagine Republicans omitting CNN or NBC for a Republican debate.  What parties actions show inclusion and what party shows exclusion.  

Don’t be excluded be Right.  I’d Rather be Right.