Rather be Right

The Presidents Speech and Actions Matter


It’s time for a rebuttal that is Right. 

Lets breakdown the messages that have been generated in the media over the weekend.  During a summit with North Korea in Hanoi, President Trump did not generate the desired Nuclear agreement that was sought.  President Trump ‘walked away’ from any negotiated deal.  Although most agree, walking away and NOT positioning the United States in an increasing dysfunctional situation is strategically impressive, major networks chose the low road and discussed a straight line bias approach of bashing our president.  Lets be honest and ask the following questions.  What president prior to President Trump met with or personally negotiated any agreement with North Korea that would benefit  the US?  How many Nuclear tests have commenced during the Trump administration vs previous administrations?  What was the last president (prior to President Trump) to have remains or prisoners returned to American soil?  North and South Korea marched under a single unified flag at the 2018 Winter Games.  Who was the last American President to be considered for the Nobel Piece recognition based on the discussions of peace and denuclearization? Remember, president Trump has only been office for two years and the magnitude of his accomplishments are over showed by a media that has a definite agenda of focusing on our presidents failure.  Prior to the NK Summit the media fell over itself with disparaging remarks and questioning Trumps competence.  The media led us to believe Trumps preparation was casual, not appropriate and nonchalant, he was going to say something incompetent, did not understand the magnitude of the summit, will pursue vague promises, he had a contentious relationship with NK leadership etc. etc. etc.  Polar opposite of our mainstream medias message are the true results.  I believe Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un (or as Rev. Al Sharpton says it Kim Jong Young) is significantly stronger in two years than Obama’s after eight.  Trump is the first sitting American President to met face-to-face with a North Korean leader but not the first to be asked. Previous administrations had (and passed on) the opportunity which makes Trumps two summits truly historic and a bold new approach to diplomacy / denuclearization.  You would be challenged to get this message from the mainstream.  Todays coverage is adolescent at best, some may say FAKE.