Rather be Right

Say it isn’t so, Hillary’s a no go -


In typical demonstrative fashion, Hillary announced she will NOT be running for the highest office in the land in 2020 and who wins….. the entire village.  Not sure what happened but a bulb went off within her mind and she realized how pathetic of a candidate she was and would be.  Look how large the Democratic field of ‘want a bees’ is and growing every day.  In a year that almost anyone with a pulse believes they can lead our country, Hilary has decided to cry from the sidelines instead of behind a podium.  She has vowed to torment us with her words of wisdom and angry theatrics.  There is a silver lining to this news and we will all benefit when her exposure is reduced to levels deserved by someone that did not scratch the glass ceiling yet alone break anything but email servers.  Actually giddy today knowing we will not be subjected to deplorable behavior like cheating at debates or lying about front runner status of a rigged system.  While closing the door on the ‘I’m With Her’ failure we celebrate the sequel being submerged in bleach.  What will the democrat party surprise us with this year?  Who will they decide should represent them?  We may be deplorable but not scared of a party that has a recent history of poor judgement predicting winners. 

She looks angry and hysterical when she speaks.  Violently screaming about fictious crisis which are intended to bolster the empty thought processes of followers blaming all their problems on ‘isms’.  We are all familiar with the ‘isms’ & ‘ists’ speech and can read into the true message.   Since Hilary does not have the competence to run a successful campaign against a fictious sexist, misogynist or white supremacist she needs to continue the narrative and insist dignity and identity are deserved while your hand is supported.  Lets put it where the goats can get it –campaigning on oppressive and demeaning messages will not allow you to call the White House home Unless your message is based on Merit, Merit Merit. 

Just think of all the years of experience Hillary has in public office and she could not pull off a win buy throwing ‘isms’ and ‘ists’ at a man that was considered to have zero chance at winning.  It takes a special kind of person or party to continue a message proven to be a failure.  With insanity and incoherent messaging running rampant throughout the democratic party the approval rating /popularity levels of Trump continue to gain momentum.  This is why we need to pay close attention to messaging from the left.  In 2020, democratic challengers (like Hillary in 2016) will campaign on NOT BEING TRUMP and insisting everyone deserves everything.  Since this is obviously a tried and true – One And Done – strategy, the approach will now focus on SINCE YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM – IMPEACH HIM.   Seriously, this will be the directive of democrats controlling the House.  Republicans – we have effective and efficient messaging on our side and we need to remain vigilant, this fight will soon be over.   Support the progress made over the last two years, support President Trump.   

I’d Rather be Right wouldn’t you.