Rather be Right

Everyone can vote they just can’t run


Democrats want you to believe they are the party that stands for voter rights and mandates voter suppression / intimidation will not be tolerated.  This seems like a very likable position that can do no wrong.  Democrats will fight for your right to vote but what happens when someone wants to run for president that the democrats do not approve of?  What if someone has viewpoints that challenge democrats?  What if someone with persuasive opinions or ideas threaten the insignificant and thoughtless platform of the Democratic Party?  Enter Mr. Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks.  Now this is a dilemma facing Democrats because they are rightfully concerned of splitting votes and providing our President a path to a second term.

In typical democratic fashion they need to address this before too much damage is done.  Pull out the democratic play book.  Chapter 1 – Page 1 - Paragraph 1 – Sentence 1 – Word 1 – PROTEST!!!  That’s right, when Democrats do not get their way they should protest, march and boycott.  Boycott, a real favorite in Clintons failed run for the presidency.  Did democrats learn anything from Clinton’s pathetic outcome, not really.  As a matter of fact, they are picking up the ball just where Hillary dropped it and believe a boycott of a famous coffee company based in Seattle is just what the doctor ordered.  The democratic idea to boycott Starbucks until Shultz left the 2020 campaign surfaced.  So the motto: everyone should be able to vote but not everyone should be able to run develops true meaning.  Democrats have so much contempt for Donald Trump they would abandon recognizing the individual rights of Mr. Schultz and disrespect the entrepreneurial objective of an American company that simply is not currently affiliated with Mr. Schultz.  Logic and common sense left the party and in return they are forming a crowded field of candidates offering irrational lack of unity that justifies actions of diminished intellect (for the left wing readers – I mean boycott).

Watching the spectacle for the sidelines, we do not want to provide democrats with the one word they are all guilty of; but we can sarcastically give them the definition.  They continue to do the same things while expecting different results.   While the madness continues, a Trump second term is inevitable. The problems within the democratic party are so drastic, dire and destructive, it will require thought provoking and honest conversations not irrationalism (The Green New Deal) not drastically moving ideology (Socialism) not identity politics (this is to easy – Jusse Smallett) not incompetent behavior (Everything Virginia) not crying about inequality (Is Mr. Schultz equal?) not superficial solutions (Free healthcare, tuition, child care, higher minimum wages and take away guns!) and not lying about wanting to protect our boarders (anti Wall).  It is so easy to see why Trump has such tremendous support and this is the answer to Thom Hartman’s burning question on his show today.  What is it going to take for Trump supporters to abandon him???  How arrogant and misguided.  Do you believe this question could be asked by a liberal talk show host with 20 plus years of experience?  It is refreshing to see so much deep seeded incohesive processing within democratic support.  Simply put Thom, Trump’s support will only grow as the democratic party resorts to outrageous and extreme views and its candidates share a common thread of today’s media – FAKE!

Wouldn't you Rather be Right