Rather be Right

Booker resembles a Preacher, not a President –


I watched Booker’s Town Hall moderated by CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday night.  Booker was able to knock the softballs out of the park thus maintaining his dismal performance as a presidential candidate.  This could have been an opportunity to make a significant impact for his otherwise mediocre campaign.  Booker is a ‘mid pack’ candidate without much going for him.  His lack of strength and message of love and unity will not Trump much.  Booker, similar to all the democratic candidates, stand strong on issues that requires giving away the farm.  Lets be extremely clear, although the primary point of motivation for democratic candidates is to remove Trump, the lack of policy ingenuity is their second commonly shared thread.  

Watching Booker cave on every topic reaffirmed my belief Trump will be victorious in 2020.  My cliff note version of Booker being a problematic president include these political viewpoints. 

College debt: Generations have been saddled with this debt and have been able to get personal responsibilities under control.  Individuals that benefit immensely from obtaining a college education should realize that the temporary strain of repayment is a sound investment.  Booker wants the government to assume personal student debt.  Those that need help with their lack of personal management of finances agree with Booker.

Health Care: Everybody should have healthcare under a single payer situation which will again free up individual responsibility.  Why would anyone want to get health care from the private sector when the government can give that to you as well.  I (JDUB) am curious why democrats have stopped at 26 years old to coattail parents policies when they should have taken this all the way to 65 when the government pays for retirement.  These additional years would definitely help reduce unfortunate stress.

Every child will get $2000 at birth – Although this program is designed to help everyone, the program is massaged by the government to provide those that are deemed marginalized to benefit by additional practices.  Goal is to have everyone compile approx. $50K by graduation from free college.  

Reparations – Did not provide much detail on this drastically needed payment to African Americans who are descendants of slaves.  My question is; will a Booker administration take a through look into all the programs and policies that have been devised in recent years specifically to assist those in our country who are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized?  A left leaning government knows additional handouts and liberal policy will maintain and grow the dependent state.   

Everyone can see that democrats want to reduce individual responsibility by providing everything from housing, food, college education, child care, health care, higher minimum wage and now reparations on the backs of the conservative minded.  It gets better, in addition to providing ‘essentials’, democrats want to expand the dependent sector by reinstating felon voting privileges, eliminating borders for caravans and reduce progress for deporting those in America illegally.  The thought of democrats demanding conservatives pay exuberant taxes to promote a welfare state is unconscionable.

If you would Rather be Right, support the president that supports you.  Support President Trump.

Be Best & Make America Great Again!!!