Rather be Right

Don Lemon & Cory Booker’s mindless topics –


Don’t want to pick on Booker’s town hall yesterday to much because it was just as pathetic as Elizabeth Warren’ recent town hall.  The questions asked are adolescent and minimal in scope to the country as a whole but very important to the welfare state.  All questions stem from what would the candidate do to enhance my pathetic life because I have not performed adequately nor taken advantage of policies in place and need more.  

What are you going to do to ensure my retirement and social security, What will you do to ensure I get paid more per hour, What are you going to do to reduce my school debt, What are you going to do about my exorbitant child care costs –  get the idea and understand why democrats feel the need to do EVERYTHING for their supporters.  Don Lemon continued with the adolescent questions with one pertaining to the obsession of impeaching Donald Trump.  Followed by another question regarding the highly publicized Jussie Smollett case in Chicago.  This town hall was tabloid hour on steroids.

Not sure what was worse, the line of questioning Don Lemon thought was important for a Presidential candidate or how the presidential candidate answered the questions.  I feel the need to expand on the unfortunate situation in Chicago and Jussie Smollett.  In the future, please watch EVERY democratic candidate respond to this case in the same way!!!  They will spin from Jussie Smollett and go directly to the rise in hate crimes associated to white supremacist.  Neo Nazi groups causing so much trouble, etc. etc. etc.  One thing that was not mentioned was the 100% increase of gay black actors being criminally charged with lying to police about being brutality beaten by fictious MAGA hat wearing racist thugs carrying an extra noose and bleach screaming homophobic slurs. Many people believe, there are individuals walking the streets late at night doing these horrific acts.  When will this madness end? Its these small details that seem to escape democrat’s minds. 

While these are the topics of choice at democratic town halls, the relentless and demeaning aggression toward President Trump continues.  Trump is constantly described as an ignorant minimalist that does not read and does not know anything about governing.  Who was the last president that maintained constructive talks with China re: real American problems associated with trade?  Scope and specifics are finally being addressed concerning forced technology transfer, cyber theft, intellectual property rights, services, currency, agriculture and barriers to trade.  These are TRUE problematic issues that plague international business between China and the west and the Trump administration is making significant strides in this arena.  Do you think Lemon would want to trouble himself with any difficult topics that matter for everyone in America (international commerce) or does he have a hidden agenda to discuss certain communities? If small and local topics are discussed on National stage, then only small and local progress will be made.  Don there are bigger things in life than HCBU’s.  The one Belt One Road is an infrastructure development strategy being devised by China and most consider it a very significant economic plan (some say brilliant).  World trade and International business will be making enormous advances by 2025 and I am glad we have Trump at the helm looking out for all Americans. 

As Americans we need to challenge ourselves and develop constructive / dynamic thought initiatives for future growth on a global stage.   The dumbing down of our society and not addressing the really critical topics will challenge our position as a world leader.  It’s not what your democratic candidate can do for you, it’s what can you do for yourself. 

Everyone would Rather Be Right – it just takes a bit more effort.

Be Best & Make America Great Again –