Rather be Right

Democrats continue to give Trumps gifts –


Political payback will be interesting to watch in the near future and going deep into the 2020 campaign.  We are watching the implosion of the democratic party in slow motion.  Trump is just beginning the I told you so tour so grab a huge bucket of popcorn and enjoy.  The current exuberance on the Right is justified by two years of misleading democratic officials pretending to work under the disguise of ‘working for the people’.  The lefts hatred for Trump is so intense and their investment in ending Trumps presidency is paramount to properly leading their constituents.  The 2020 campaign is in full motion and democratic candidates are not fielding many questions about the Trump / Russia connection.  Clearly the DNC is setting themselves up for another season of constituent disapproval by focusing on irrelevant topics.  It would behoove democrats to lick their wounds, admit their assumptions were delusional and cease the overwhelming negative assaults.  Since we know they are not capable of these common sense recommendations, don’t be surprised when they focus on ‘not exonerated’ – ‘obstruction’ – ‘full Mueller report’ and ‘cover-up’.  When you combine The Green New Deal and the obsession to impeach Trump, the result is THE complete democratic message.  The game plan for the DNC is obviously problematic and will result in a gift to Trump.

The agenda for the Right is completely different because there are no signs of desperation.  Trump is in a sweet spot because he can continue to govern, make effective policy for conservatives, gloat on the inept practices of the DNC, build the wall, convert the independent vote, enhance our military, dismantle the affordable care act, stack the courts, eliminate the welfare state, continue growing manufacturing jobs, win win win and Make America Great Again!  During all the success that Trump is generating, the democrats will lead their constituents from behind the mantra of oversight.  It must be really exciting to be a democrat or socialist when your future is entirely based on the success or failure of others.  If you can not pave a path of success for yourself, become a democrat and complain about the achievements of those that perform. It is apparent democrats have animosity toward our highly skilled president and in exchange for developing any policy, they focus on removing Trump at any cost.  Example – you’re a little league team that has a weak defense and offense and are tiered tired of watching your opponent continue to score, the only thing left to do is taking out the opposing Quarterback. 

I feel sorry for Trump when I witness democratic leaders desperately try to spin the narrative that he is an agent for adversarial foreign power.  Stop to think how pathetic it this is when a two year investigation reveals zero illegal involvement and the response from the left is how low the bar must be for Trump.  Trump has taken an illegal cheap shot from democrats and came out unscathed.  I mentioned desperate because that is best description of a party unwilling to face reality.  It is not patriotic to strategically position yourself for success by generating fictious innuendo. 

For all the Independents out there – wouldn’t you Rather be Right and make your vote stand for American progress instead of supporting a party in desperation?   Enjoy winning, vote Republican.

Be Best & Make America Great Again