Rather be Right

Democrats deserve being in this position -


Just get us elected so we have power of ‘proper’ Executive oversight. Now the democrats rode this blue wave into the House and what will they do now. Since Trumps victorious election night, democrats and the left wing bias media have been in complete meltdown mode. Dumbfounded, the left has resorted to any and all possible tactics to destroy the Trump presidency. But now the party appears split and confused on what to do with the power they so desperately wanted. After promising voters that impeachment proceedings are a sure lock if the House is controlled by democrats, leaders are slow to make a judgement call. Do they proceed with proceeding or not. With Pelosi at the helm and Biden the current frontrunner there is not any true directive as to democratic progress. This is now a political issue and only a political issue. The democratic lies about doing the right thing, holding Trump accountable and being in a constitutional crisis were obviously talking points to win House seats. According to Allan Lichman, professor at the University of Washington who has successfully predicted the presidential election outcomes since 1984, democrats must proceed with impeachment if they want to win in 2020. The presidency and beating Trump is the true and only reason impeachment proceedings would begin. Lets call a spade a spade and be honest with the American people, we are not in a constitutional crisis and democrats do not care about doing the right thing. The democrats care about doing the political thing. Democrats do not even care who represents the party, they just want anyone to beat Trump. It is really sad that this impeachment decision is not for the betterment of our country but to make a spectacle and show off left wing bling. The left only wants to challenge Trumps re-election with the show of public hearings and a public trial to inflect as much humiliation as possible. Why would anyone choose to be a democrat when they do not stand for anything and are reactionary to the obviously more accomplishing Republican party?

I would Rather be Right when I cast my vote and that is why I would not waste it on a lying democrat.