Rather be Right

Republicans & Trump make progress -


Democrats are trying to prove they can walk and chew gum at the same time. Seems like a rudimentary task but realize how challenged they are. Messaging from the left often includes orange skin, overweight diet soda drinker, small handed and illiterate. In response, Trump is literally eating their lunch and carrying off the Republican agenda masterfully. The focus for conservatives is simple, appeal to the base and grow it through generating wealth within the corporate sector and pack the courts. This is really a simple plan but the democrats are making it even easier with a dedication to Russia Gate. Russian interference in elections is such a difficult task to prove and obviously Trump did not collude in any way. If democrats really cared about external influences on our elections, they would have denounced the PM of Israel, Netanyahu addressing our congress behind back of our sitting president (speech without Obama’s invitation / permission) and challenging policies in person. Netenhau’s speech to congress and campaign funding has a larger influence on elections than anything Russia accomplished. Democrats have invested everything on the premise that Trump colluded / obstructed justice while dismissing fundamental policy important the their constitutes. Trump realizes how important his base is and democrats do not. Trump knows where his support is. Grow extreme wealth with a tax bill, appeal to southern voters with 2nd amendment and NRA issues, Northern Evangelicals see Roe V Wade getting challenged, show strength toward protecting our borders and generate an economy which favors all. If you share in any of these beliefs, Trump is your leader. One could surmise democrats are paving the way for a second Trump term. There is no message from the democrats and they realize it so they are grasping at anything that will generate publicity in a crowded field. As a result, the democrats are all resorting to giving things away for votes. In polar contrast to being accountable, democrats run on eliminating college loans, reparations to slave descendants, single payer health, higher min wage, family leave, sanctuary cities, reinstate felon voting rights and of coarse completely open immigration policies (future democrat voting pool). If you are sick of relentless politically inspired investigations and a drive to enhance the welfare state, then you would Rather Be Right and MAGA.

The investigations and false allegations should stop but it is Trump’s good fortune the democrats do not have much legitimate political opposition so the witch hunt continues. Be vigilant, the 2020 victory is certain.