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Im Fu***D when Mueller was appointed -

JDUB1 Comment

We waited with great anticipation for the Barr presser followed by the release of the redacted Mueller report. There was a good idea of what was in the 400 plus pages and within a few hours the report once again vindicated Trump of collusion What is troubling is the amount of flunky legal analysts and mainstream hosts that make a living on the fact that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Headlines were only to happy to represent the adolescent ‘FU***D’ or ‘does not exonerate’ or ‘cover up’ or ‘I do not recall’ or my favorite ‘ ‘NOT A CRIME BUT……..” . Since collusion did not occur and everyone is agreeance of that fact, the left media must now direct their attention to obstruction , anything else they can hang on our president. For over two years Trump has been saying there is no collusion and the investigation is a witch hunt. The actions that surround the democrats desire to prove obstruction are those of a man that knows he is unjustly targeted for something he did not do. The corrupt intent and lies that the democrats want to prove are secondary to the fact Trump did not commit collusion with Russia. Trump knew from the onset of the investigation that it was unjustified and a deliberate attempt to dismantle his presidency. How can you obstruct an investigation that was intended to undermine the credibility of our president without validity? Democrats are now concerned about lies and obstruction - how many democrats went on national TV and mentioned they knew or had proof of collusion? Didn’t democrats obstruct the investigation by stating facts that were specifically false? Now democrats hide under the cloak of ‘oversight’ and do not provide the same apologies that they demand come for our president. Further, democrats now see any form of indictments or impeachment not plausible so they wish to shoot the messenger and focus on the words of Barr and Sanders. Now its Barr and Sanders that is not credible and carry a tarnished record moving forward. With that form of thought, how credible is Adam Schiff, who has plenty of proof of what does not exist?

The intent of the investigation was to determine if Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election. Mueller determined there was insufficient evidence for the initial investigations intent. Since obstruction was actually served back to congress through the AG, it is to only thing democrats have to arm themselves with to hunt Trump.