Rather be Right

Trump will not need to pardon himself -


We are definitely in the throws of the 2020 campaign and democrats have no pitching. Barr finished his second day on the hill and left the never Trumpers in complete disarray. Pelosi. Schiff, Nadler, Neil etc are ‘deeply disturbed’ by the AG’s performance. I share a polar opposite viewpoint and applaud Barr’s performance for supporting Trump. These bloodthirsty democrats are truly adolescent in their dismal attempt to bring down our president. The left has no vision and lost sight of true leadership which will be obvious when Trump wins his second term. While Trump packs the courts with judges, builds our southern border and grows our economy, the democrats focus on: hush money payments, Trumps taxes, campaign finance crimes, security clearances, Mar A Lago security and the Mueller report. The democrats are not serious about American prosperity as long as they continue to focus on the demise of Trump. This is a witch hunt that does not look healthy on the surface. News outlets featuring left propaganda actually count Trumps days in office while hoping for a change in leadership on January 20th 2021. I was raised with the directive to earn leadership not to hope for it, but I was raised in a Republican home.

Gain a new perspective on how badly the 2020 election will be for democrats by watching any mainstream news segment. The desire to impeach Trump is so perverse I can only imagine his support will grow as a result. For the most part, we are a compassionate people. Even those with a staunch dislike for Trump can see he is undeserving of the continued disrespect especially when our economy is performing at the highest levels of achievement. Since impeachment is becoming less of a reality, focus is now turning to the day Trump leaves office making him eligible for indictments. Lawrence O’Donnell (4-10) on the Last Word reported January 21st, 2021 is the day prosecutors will be lined up to indicate Trump and his personal pardon will be a sign of guilt. Lawrence is using his platform to message a pathetic fallacy that is not beneficial to anyone while claiming hate has no place…….. Yes, the left committed to the witch hunt and will not relinquish the broom at any cost. Unfortunately for democratic presidential candidates, the American public is showing signs of concern that there is not a focus from the left on prosperity. Just to get noticed on the campaign trail the candidates are fighting each other while running as far left as possible. Obama has also voiced concern lately that the candidates will find themselves in a ring of fire while diminishing the shared platform of beating Trump at all costs. Any way you look at the 2020 possibilities, things continue to be rosy for the incumbent. Let democrats focus on Stormy Daniels while Republicans focus on Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and ………………

Trump is focused on a Making America Great Again.

Stay vigilant while they fight within their own communities!!