Rather be Right

An illegal takedown that failed -


On my soapbox thumping my chest. Hail to our President Trump. If its a great night for Trump supporters, I can only imagine how satisfying today has been for Donald Trump. Rightfully so, Trump has been saying ‘No Collusion’ for over two years and it has fallen on the inept ears of the left. Tonight, Trump is following that up with ‘No Obstruction of Justice” and if you are smart, believe Trump instead of the vendetta driven DNC. We know Russia has manipulated our democracy for generations and we must now pay attention to it because Trump has business relations in Russia. What did Obama do for the last year of his presidency knowing Russia would interfere with our election process? The answer is absolutely nothing because the democrats thought the ‘deplorable one’ would win and it would not matter. Well team Trump took the blue ribbon and that has not sit well with the establishment.

For two years we have listened to democrats scream and cry Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!!! Trump has colluded with Russia to steal the presidency. How much time and money was wasted because the democrats chose the wrong candidate to represent the party? Stand on any mountain top and you can not see any sight of Hillary today and she was to be the breaker of the glass ceiling. Hillary and all democrats were dumbfounded when Trump was rightfully sworn in as our 45th American President. Well now that independent council has found zero connection pertaining to Trump colluding with the Russians, the post have been moved to obstruction of justice, political corruption and abuses of power. Democrats now question the integrity of AG Barr and will request him to testify before congress. OK - the American people are fed up with the Witch Hunt. Let the DNC continue with another attempt at the all mighty. The only winner will be Trump because he will be gaining Independent Voters by the thousands!!!!! The inevitable outcome is another superior electoral college count but the democrats are crying about that as well.

Come on, it is a good thing an independent council found no collusion with a foreign power. When will democrats learn to just do the Right thing and give up the smear campaign under false pretenses? Pretense - An attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. Pretense - Is this not the perfect word selection for the pathetic democratic party? The democrats narrative or false pretense will continue because they are now crying our national interest may be compromised due to a Russian Federation leverage negatively impacting American foreign policy. This to will be proven as a false and discredited allegation. Trump is deeply apologetic that our nation is going through this adolescent behavior from the left.

Trump will continue working in behalf of our great nation while democrats continue to move left and promote an obsessive tirade toward an unreachable conclusion. Everyone knows Trump will not be indicted or impeached but when you have hung your hat on a lie for this long, it is hard to correct. Why would anyone be a democrat after watching the inept practices and leadership of the DNC? Personally I do not see how anyone could vote against the true political Rocky, Donald Trump.

Two shout outs - I do not usually agree with Kristien Powers but I am grateful she stood up for Donald Trump tonight on Anderson Cooper re: the false accusations surrounding collusion. Second, I am sorry Tiffany Cross is not happy with the results of the Mueller investigation but; those that matter are happy with the results!!

Thursday night in Michigan will be incredible and I look forward to Trump taking a bow. I hope he feels vindicated for all the unjustified turmoil he has shouldered for two years.

I like being positive and I would Rather be Right so I stand with President Trump.

Trump 2020