Rather be Right

Spike the football, Happy No Collusion Day -


The Mueller report has concluded but it is hard to celebrate the end of the witch hunt.  I am disgruntled by the mainstream media but tonight’s reporting is the most bias and pathetic excuse of journalism I have witnessed in a very long time.  Every fake news outlet had the same look tonight as they did on election night.  If they could cry on national television they would.  The fake news media does not report news they invent it and desire different outcomes.  We should be happy our country is finally finished with the Mueller report but the left is so fixated on the demise of Trump they can’t fathom no inditements.  That’s right, Mueller’s report has concluded without recommending additional inditements. 

Chris Mathews constantly referred to Trumps inner circle as henchman (from a prime time professional).  Visibly shaken and disgruntled, Mathews could not fathom a conclusion without additional inditements and stating Trump ‘missed the blade of the guillotine’.  I refer to this fake news because it is not professionally delivered.  Erin Burnett on CNN misled listeners by stating the Senate only needed 12 Republicans to side with the democrats for impeachment.  This was quickly corrected by her guest which stated the number was truly 18 Republican Senators.  With years of experience by Burnett, this kind on mistake on a major network sends an intended message and is absolutely questionable.  On Anderson Cooper, Van Jones immaturely mentioned there is no hope, no Santa Clause and Robert Mueller will not save America.  Is this reporting or bias commentary by major networks?  The American public is smarter than this and will begin questioning fake news because there is NO collusion.  The rush to judgement and desire for Trumps misery by left media is so profound the true impact on viewers will never be known.    

For 675 days the American public was told (by the left) that Trump should let Mueller do his work, do not disturb his progress, leave him alone, in other words Don’t fire Mueller.  Trump played the game and won like the champ he is.  Mueller was able to work uncompromised and deliver his report indicting 37 individuals.  This is not enough for democrats because Trump and his family were unscathed.  Trumps true inner core which includes his sons, daughter and Jared Kushner did not get indicted.  For this reason, they should all spend the weekend dancing in the second White House, the Mar-a-Lago Club (I wish I could be there).

Democrats wanted Mueller to be left alone and have the ability to complete his investigation without compromise.  Now that the investigation is completed, the democrats are questioning Mueller’s integrity, competence and honesty since the report does not reflect what they have hung their literal ‘hats’ on.  Democrats are actually thinking of sending a subpoena to Robert Mueller and William Barr if they do not get the results they desire re: transparency. Since Mueller’s report did not accomplish the mission of the democrats, they are now focusing on phase two consisting of District Attorneys, campaign finance, abuse of power, compromise of American power and possible emolument rewards.  Yes, the hunt continues and who will prevail – Donald J Trump.  The meeting in Trump tower (June 2016) and Russian collusion has proven to be a nothingburger but the democrats will continue to defend apparent misconceptions similar to the attempts of Jussie Smollett defending a Chicago hoax.  

The American people should be celebrating the outcome of the Mueller report but the distain of the DNC will not let that happen.  One would think that finding our president did not collude with a foreign power is a great thing. The DNC - DOES NOT CARE!!!!!!!!

Don’t be in the dark, stand with President Trump – results MATTER!!