Rather be Right

The left is blatantly transparent -


News is on a supersonic pace this weekend as everyone anticipates the AG release of the Mueller report. Like most, I am channel surfing to see how the networks are reporting on this historic day. Devoting a few to Brian Stelter on CNN, I was curious to see where he was going with the topic of delivering non-bias news. Yes, Brian was actually defending the narrative that it is critical for networks to deliver the news and report in a professional manor. Could not agree with you more Brian but I have definite conflict with your position that the left media has done a very fine job reporting on the Trump administration. At thirty thousand feet or standing where the goats can get it, anyone can see the lefts malicious assault on our president, his administration and family. I believe the staunch critical reporting is so bias towards Trump I have been encouraged to write in contrast to your irrational messaging.

Let me provide a few examples that I believe will support my interpretation of the lefts journalism practices.

On a different left wing news network (AM Joy show) this morning the lead topic was obviously the Mueller report. With the ending of the Mueller report all Americans should be pleased the investigative thorn has been removed. There will not be additional indictments associated with this investigation and our president ‘could’ be vindicated of collusion, I fail to see the negative in this for ANYONE. Obviously this is not the message the left delivers, in fact Joy was almost elated to report ALL the other ways Trump could face impeachment / removal from office. Joy and her panel discussed the other sixteen investigations specifically the Southern District and her concern was how “aggressive” will /can the SD prosecutors be with Trump then continued by listing:

  • Southern District of NY

  • N.Y. Attorney General

  • US Attorney for the District of Columbia

  • US Attorney for Eastern District of VA

If the exuberance was not enough a panel member (Tiffany Cross) three (3) times used the noun ignorance when describing specific examples: FOX News, wealthy people at Mar-a-Lago and Trump supporters are layered in ignorance. All three are separate uses / examples of the word when referring to Trump. This is easily verifiable (morning broadcast 3/24). I will continue by revealing an unfortunate example of unprofessional reporting on the left by a guest on your show this morning (Oliver Darcy) moments after you proclaimed the importance of news vs reporting. How ironic was it that Darcy said Trump ‘does not have many very friendly outlets’ and needs to rely on FOX News. What is not professional Brian is there was not a rebuttal or follow up comment from someone that proclaims the left is not bias. If you are a news network and are ‘not friendly’ , how would you achieve that recognition by being non-bias? Think about it. Since the left is blatantly transport in their distain for our president the right feels like we are on full protection mode and yes we rely on one network that would Rather be Right - FOX news.

I often watch the Brian Stelter show on the weekends and know you are a Patriot with good intentions. What is problematic is your continual messaging of how fair and non bias the left networks are and you just report what is in front of you. Please show me any left commentary that says the end of the Mueller Investigation will allow our country to heal and move forward which would be non-bias. What is reported is the numerous additional investigations our country needs to stomach in search of the lefts vindictive obsession to torment Trump. Believe me, all the left does is torment Trump while loosing voters. Trump will prevail from the adolescent messaging the left delivers and you can justify mainstream media journalism practices any way you wish.

Obviously we view politics from different angles but to use a network platform to call groups ignorant, is similar to calling a group deplorable and we know where that gets you. If you are going to belittle a group, you must do it in ‘Trumpian’ style with poise, strength, character and likeability. If you cry your message you look wounded and not from a position of power. Do you know a more powerful person than Donald Trump?

Trump is resilient and will withstand the onslaught of the lefts (professional ?) reporting. Lets join forces and wish him the best in 2020!!

Be Best while reporting!!! - Thoughts?