Rather be Right

Different strokes for different folks –


They share the same relative age, 16 and 17 but treated so different by the main stream left media.  Nicholas Sandmann is a 17 year old Junior that attends Covington Catholic HS.  Sandmann was thrown into the media spotlight when he and his schoolmates attended the March for Life in Washington.  Videos went viral.  Initially, Sandmann was viewed and labeled by the left as a teenage instigator.  This narrative was quickly squashed and proven premature.  When a young man stands harmlessly still without any hostile movement or verbal exchange at all, the left must then acknowledge his ‘smirk’.  That’s right, it was his smirk that was offensive.  Stories mounted how Sandmann was offending and initiated confrontation with Native American Nathan Phillips and a Black Hebrew Israelite group.  Videos showed this was not the case and instead fake.  What was revealed in the videos was the MAGA hat Sandmann was wearing.  Since Sandmann was wearing this iconic headwear, he must be offensive and racist which justified the left to wrongfully condemn and vilify the teenager.  Sandmann’s recourse is now to sue media outlets for compensatory & punitive damages because his image and reputation was tarnished.  The media was so enthralled by a MAGA hat that they disregarded professional and non-bias reporting practices.  The left condemns anyone that supports the ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra and wrongfully associates MAGA hats with hate. 

Polar opposite reporting practices by the left has been awarded to the 16 year old who violently smashed an egg on the back of a Australian Senators head.  This event was also captured in whole by video.  To set the scene, Australian Senator, Fraser Anning was addressing the Melborne media about the massacre in New Zealand in which 50 innocent people were killed. The 16 year old took an egg and smashed it on the head of the unsuspecting Senator.  In typical left wing media fashion, AM Joy acted astonished that the Senator reacted by punching the offender.  That’s Right, Joy Reid was on the air Sunday morning when she dismissed the behavior of the teenager and focused on the response of the Senator hitting the originating offender in the face.  Mrs. Reid, please watch any of the numerous videos about this incident and acknowledge it took five (5) men to apprehend the teenager and he was subsequently arrested.  Nicholas Sandmann was not arrested but was villainized for wearing a smirk and a MAGA hat.

Nicholas Sandmann stood harmlessly in front of a Native American and was shamelessly victimized.  A Senator making a comment about Muslim immigration, not supported by the left, arrogantly found solace in the illegal acts of violence from a disruptive teen. 

The reaction form the left media towards the two teenage media sensations could not be any different.  If you are innocent but represent right wing viewpoints, you are instantly labeled complacent of hate toward all minority groups.  If you premediate and violently assault an individual, and your viewpoints are left in nature, illegal acts are overlooked.  These two young individuals acted extremely different, unfortunately the bias media treated them extremely different as well. 

I would Rather be Right when referring to political affiliation.