Rather be Right

Can anyone trust Bernie -


Weekend reporting states Bernie Sanders campaign is the first campaign to unionize.  Why unionize?  When you search for reasons to unionize you will immediately see - individuals are dissatisfied with something related to their job or work environment, Inequitable pay, poor management practices and insufficient communication being primary reasons. Reasons that new (Bernie’s staff did not feel the need to unionize during his first failed presidential campaign) unions are initiated in working environments is largely due to employee / staff dissatisfaction with management.  If Bernie can not make people that work within his campaign satisfied how will he make the American majority satisfied as president?  It is obvious that people within Bernie’s inner circle are questioning his management capability or they would not need to unionize.  

Do a deep dive and you can understand why anyone associated with the Sanders campaign would want or need to unionize.  The Associated Press / New York Times has reported that the Sanders presidential campaign (1-failed) in 2016 was accused of sexual advances and pay inequality.  As a result of allegations placed on Sanders presidential campaign of 2016, Bernie emerged by apologizing to any that was offended and 'if I run again, we will do better next time'.  Although Sanders statements are honorary, they did not seem to hold much credibility.  Early into Sanders second attempt at the presidency, his campaign has decided to unionize.  This new development and a first for a presidential campaign may raise concerns.  Is Bernie's campaign competent enough or capable of making campaign staff members comfortable in a working environment without being in a union?  Not sure and the recent development suggest that his campaign may not be capable.  His staff may be in favor of his message, but does Bernie have the caliber as a leader to insure equality and safety within his organization? In this age of the ‘me too’ movement, I hope the needs of a Sander’s campaign staff are adequately met.  Sander’s did specifically address the women from his first failed campaign by offering remorse from the bottom of his heart.  Unfortunately, the Sanders campaign staff felt the need to take matters in their own hand instead of relying on the word of the man running for president.  

Bernie’s campaign staff would Rather be Right - so they must unionize.