Rather be Right

Left’s hate solidifies the love of Trump –


When Trump wins his second term in 2020 the democratic response will mimic those of 2016.  We will witness a ton of tears and faces of democratic disbelief standing under a non-blemished glass ceiling. 

Not sure why I torture myself by watching the main stream media comics.  Yesterday Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo showed us they not only lacked journalism skills but their comedian and musical talent is also deplorable.  The duo tormented viewers by liking Trump to Fred Flintstone and Archie Bunker.  Lemon pushed the narrative that Trump believes the ‘advancement of technology is a bad thing’ and continued by suggesting America is going back to the horse and buggy days under the leadership of Trump.  Great examples of fake news because Trump’s directive to the pentagon to create our sixth branch of US military, the Space Force, is a true example of his desire for our nation to advance technically.   The media mocks and generates polar opposite (fake) images of Trump then questions why they are judged as misleading journalism outlets.  Mr. Lemon, please set us straight with the percentage of Americans that look like you holding highly technical careers then call me to sing the Archie Bunker intro.  I am asking because I believe you bring race into a majority of your reporting.  You could have reported that Trump was trying to relate to those not technically inclined, but again you went lower.  Not confident about this Mr. Lemon but I believe Trumps plane is bigger than yours.

The ‘bash Trump at all costs’ is hitting elevated levels (Tim Cook from Apple as Tim Apple – Really). As we get closer to the 2020 election, we will witness adolescent coverage of the Trump administration because they will let bias opinions cloud their professionalism.  If we are so concerned about how we are perceived around the world and want America to achieve as much as possible, why do we make our president look bad with prime time immature coverage of our countries leadership?  Trump is our commander in chief and if you disapprove of his policies or even Trump as an individual, why go to extremes to mock him and generate fake news?  The love of Trump is getting stronger which is proven by the Republican voter approval ratings maintaining 90%.  Left wing radio host Thom Hartman is very puzzled by this 90% approval and questions why Trumps support remains and in fact grows.  Simply put, the comedic reporting by main stream is so negative toward Trump, Americans realize he does not deserve the fake coverage. 

If the left continues to cover the current administration with obvious distain, it will make Trump’s support become iron clad.  Americans, at least the ones that vote, are able to witness the desperate reporting from the main stream.  How pathetic is it when your primary message is anything but Trump?  Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump for months.  As a result of this meaningless assault and ‘witch hunt’, the Speaker of the House recently voiced opposition to the impeach Trump directive.  This is another example of what democrats get accomplished, absolutely nothing.  The hate that has consumed the left over the last two years is staunch but what were they able to deliver other than true obstruction of American progress.

Yes – I’d Rather be Right