Rather be Right

About Us

Rather be Right provides insightful analysis toward relevant news and policy issues.  Our simple objective is to make you think and evolve in a society that moves forward in an increasingly rapid pace. We respond with philosophical content regarding a multitude of media headlines that’s unfortunately reported with a left leaning directive.

Rather be Right provides news, opinions, comments and sophisticated activism tools for a vibrant conservative blog community. Generally speaking, society is engulfing information very quickly without questioning content and sharing themes easily derived by the majority.  It is our interest to provide an intuitive platform that will generate meaningful dialogue between readers in search of an objective look at the daily news landscape.  Unfortunately, todays mainstream media is compelled to provide individual objective commentary rather that honest reporting. Mission critical to our writing is empowering readers with partisan viewpoints on policy in polar contrast to popular media.  In plain sight, we generate enthusiasm and stimulate common sense through an abundance of staunch conservativism.  

Rather be Right daily editorial message is supplemented by years of political prowess in combination with skepticism for popular media outlets and news sources to deliver a non-bias critique of daily news.  Ultimately, a growing number of followers will be generated.  In search of balanced news content, Rather be Right provides daily right messaging as a response to the numerous media outlets relentlessly populating the boards with a deplorable perspective.

Your input is highly desired.  All opinions matter because our news environment is not about Right and Left, it is about Right and Wrong.  Wouldn’t you Rather be Right?