Rather be Right

The left is blatantly transparent -


News is on a supersonic pace this weekend as everyone anticipates the AG release of the Mueller report. Like most, I am channel surfing to see how the networks are reporting on this historic day. Devoting a few to Brian Stelter on CNN, I was curious to see where he was going with the topic of delivering non-bias news. Yes, Brian was actually defending the narrative that it is critical for networks to deliver the news and report in a professional manor. Could not agree with you more Brian but I have definite conflict with your position that the left media has done a very fine job reporting on the Trump administration. At thirty thousand feet or standing where the goats can get it, anyone can see the lefts malicious assault on our president, his administration and family. I believe the staunch critical reporting is so bias towards Trump I have been encouraged to write in contrast to your irrational messaging.

Let me provide a few examples that I believe will support my interpretation of the lefts journalism practices.

On a different left wing news network (AM Joy show) this morning the lead topic was obviously the Mueller report. With the ending of the Mueller report all Americans should be pleased the investigative thorn has been removed. There will not be additional indictments associated with this investigation and our president ‘could’ be vindicated of collusion, I fail to see the negative in this for ANYONE. Obviously this is not the message the left delivers, in fact Joy was almost elated to report ALL the other ways Trump could face impeachment / removal from office. Joy and her panel discussed the other sixteen investigations specifically the Southern District and her concern was how “aggressive” will /can the SD prosecutors be with Trump then continued by listing:

  • Southern District of NY

  • N.Y. Attorney General

  • US Attorney for the District of Columbia

  • US Attorney for Eastern District of VA

If the exuberance was not enough a panel member (Tiffany Cross) three (3) times used the noun ignorance when describing specific examples: FOX News, wealthy people at Mar-a-Lago and Trump supporters are layered in ignorance. All three are separate uses / examples of the word when referring to Trump. This is easily verifiable (morning broadcast 3/24). I will continue by revealing an unfortunate example of unprofessional reporting on the left by a guest on your show this morning (Oliver Darcy) moments after you proclaimed the importance of news vs reporting. How ironic was it that Darcy said Trump ‘does not have many very friendly outlets’ and needs to rely on FOX News. What is not professional Brian is there was not a rebuttal or follow up comment from someone that proclaims the left is not bias. If you are a news network and are ‘not friendly’ , how would you achieve that recognition by being non-bias? Think about it. Since the left is blatantly transport in their distain for our president the right feels like we are on full protection mode and yes we rely on one network that would Rather be Right - FOX news.

I often watch the Brian Stelter show on the weekends and know you are a Patriot with good intentions. What is problematic is your continual messaging of how fair and non bias the left networks are and you just report what is in front of you. Please show me any left commentary that says the end of the Mueller Investigation will allow our country to heal and move forward which would be non-bias. What is reported is the numerous additional investigations our country needs to stomach in search of the lefts vindictive obsession to torment Trump. Believe me, all the left does is torment Trump while loosing voters. Trump will prevail from the adolescent messaging the left delivers and you can justify mainstream media journalism practices any way you wish.

Obviously we view politics from different angles but to use a network platform to call groups ignorant, is similar to calling a group deplorable and we know where that gets you. If you are going to belittle a group, you must do it in ‘Trumpian’ style with poise, strength, character and likeability. If you cry your message you look wounded and not from a position of power. Do you know a more powerful person than Donald Trump?

Trump is resilient and will withstand the onslaught of the lefts (professional ?) reporting. Lets join forces and wish him the best in 2020!!

Be Best while reporting!!! - Thoughts?


Spike the football, Happy No Collusion Day -


The Mueller report has concluded but it is hard to celebrate the end of the witch hunt.  I am disgruntled by the mainstream media but tonight’s reporting is the most bias and pathetic excuse of journalism I have witnessed in a very long time.  Every fake news outlet had the same look tonight as they did on election night.  If they could cry on national television they would.  The fake news media does not report news they invent it and desire different outcomes.  We should be happy our country is finally finished with the Mueller report but the left is so fixated on the demise of Trump they can’t fathom no inditements.  That’s right, Mueller’s report has concluded without recommending additional inditements. 

Chris Mathews constantly referred to Trumps inner circle as henchman (from a prime time professional).  Visibly shaken and disgruntled, Mathews could not fathom a conclusion without additional inditements and stating Trump ‘missed the blade of the guillotine’.  I refer to this fake news because it is not professionally delivered.  Erin Burnett on CNN misled listeners by stating the Senate only needed 12 Republicans to side with the democrats for impeachment.  This was quickly corrected by her guest which stated the number was truly 18 Republican Senators.  With years of experience by Burnett, this kind on mistake on a major network sends an intended message and is absolutely questionable.  On Anderson Cooper, Van Jones immaturely mentioned there is no hope, no Santa Clause and Robert Mueller will not save America.  Is this reporting or bias commentary by major networks?  The American public is smarter than this and will begin questioning fake news because there is NO collusion.  The rush to judgement and desire for Trumps misery by left media is so profound the true impact on viewers will never be known.    

For 675 days the American public was told (by the left) that Trump should let Mueller do his work, do not disturb his progress, leave him alone, in other words Don’t fire Mueller.  Trump played the game and won like the champ he is.  Mueller was able to work uncompromised and deliver his report indicting 37 individuals.  This is not enough for democrats because Trump and his family were unscathed.  Trumps true inner core which includes his sons, daughter and Jared Kushner did not get indicted.  For this reason, they should all spend the weekend dancing in the second White House, the Mar-a-Lago Club (I wish I could be there).

Democrats wanted Mueller to be left alone and have the ability to complete his investigation without compromise.  Now that the investigation is completed, the democrats are questioning Mueller’s integrity, competence and honesty since the report does not reflect what they have hung their literal ‘hats’ on.  Democrats are actually thinking of sending a subpoena to Robert Mueller and William Barr if they do not get the results they desire re: transparency. Since Mueller’s report did not accomplish the mission of the democrats, they are now focusing on phase two consisting of District Attorneys, campaign finance, abuse of power, compromise of American power and possible emolument rewards.  Yes, the hunt continues and who will prevail – Donald J Trump.  The meeting in Trump tower (June 2016) and Russian collusion has proven to be a nothingburger but the democrats will continue to defend apparent misconceptions similar to the attempts of Jussie Smollett defending a Chicago hoax.  

The American people should be celebrating the outcome of the Mueller report but the distain of the DNC will not let that happen.  One would think that finding our president did not collude with a foreign power is a great thing. The DNC - DOES NOT CARE!!!!!!!!

Don’t be in the dark, stand with President Trump – results MATTER!!


Different strokes for different folks –


They share the same relative age, 16 and 17 but treated so different by the main stream left media.  Nicholas Sandmann is a 17 year old Junior that attends Covington Catholic HS.  Sandmann was thrown into the media spotlight when he and his schoolmates attended the March for Life in Washington.  Videos went viral.  Initially, Sandmann was viewed and labeled by the left as a teenage instigator.  This narrative was quickly squashed and proven premature.  When a young man stands harmlessly still without any hostile movement or verbal exchange at all, the left must then acknowledge his ‘smirk’.  That’s right, it was his smirk that was offensive.  Stories mounted how Sandmann was offending and initiated confrontation with Native American Nathan Phillips and a Black Hebrew Israelite group.  Videos showed this was not the case and instead fake.  What was revealed in the videos was the MAGA hat Sandmann was wearing.  Since Sandmann was wearing this iconic headwear, he must be offensive and racist which justified the left to wrongfully condemn and vilify the teenager.  Sandmann’s recourse is now to sue media outlets for compensatory & punitive damages because his image and reputation was tarnished.  The media was so enthralled by a MAGA hat that they disregarded professional and non-bias reporting practices.  The left condemns anyone that supports the ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra and wrongfully associates MAGA hats with hate. 

Polar opposite reporting practices by the left has been awarded to the 16 year old who violently smashed an egg on the back of a Australian Senators head.  This event was also captured in whole by video.  To set the scene, Australian Senator, Fraser Anning was addressing the Melborne media about the massacre in New Zealand in which 50 innocent people were killed. The 16 year old took an egg and smashed it on the head of the unsuspecting Senator.  In typical left wing media fashion, AM Joy acted astonished that the Senator reacted by punching the offender.  That’s Right, Joy Reid was on the air Sunday morning when she dismissed the behavior of the teenager and focused on the response of the Senator hitting the originating offender in the face.  Mrs. Reid, please watch any of the numerous videos about this incident and acknowledge it took five (5) men to apprehend the teenager and he was subsequently arrested.  Nicholas Sandmann was not arrested but was villainized for wearing a smirk and a MAGA hat.

Nicholas Sandmann stood harmlessly in front of a Native American and was shamelessly victimized.  A Senator making a comment about Muslim immigration, not supported by the left, arrogantly found solace in the illegal acts of violence from a disruptive teen. 

The reaction form the left media towards the two teenage media sensations could not be any different.  If you are innocent but represent right wing viewpoints, you are instantly labeled complacent of hate toward all minority groups.  If you premediate and violently assault an individual, and your viewpoints are left in nature, illegal acts are overlooked.  These two young individuals acted extremely different, unfortunately the bias media treated them extremely different as well. 

I would Rather be Right when referring to political affiliation.



Can anyone trust Bernie -


Weekend reporting states Bernie Sanders campaign is the first campaign to unionize.  Why unionize?  When you search for reasons to unionize you will immediately see - individuals are dissatisfied with something related to their job or work environment, Inequitable pay, poor management practices and insufficient communication being primary reasons. Reasons that new (Bernie’s staff did not feel the need to unionize during his first failed presidential campaign) unions are initiated in working environments is largely due to employee / staff dissatisfaction with management.  If Bernie can not make people that work within his campaign satisfied how will he make the American majority satisfied as president?  It is obvious that people within Bernie’s inner circle are questioning his management capability or they would not need to unionize.  

Do a deep dive and you can understand why anyone associated with the Sanders campaign would want or need to unionize.  The Associated Press / New York Times has reported that the Sanders presidential campaign (1-failed) in 2016 was accused of sexual advances and pay inequality.  As a result of allegations placed on Sanders presidential campaign of 2016, Bernie emerged by apologizing to any that was offended and 'if I run again, we will do better next time'.  Although Sanders statements are honorary, they did not seem to hold much credibility.  Early into Sanders second attempt at the presidency, his campaign has decided to unionize.  This new development and a first for a presidential campaign may raise concerns.  Is Bernie's campaign competent enough or capable of making campaign staff members comfortable in a working environment without being in a union?  Not sure and the recent development suggest that his campaign may not be capable.  His staff may be in favor of his message, but does Bernie have the caliber as a leader to insure equality and safety within his organization? In this age of the ‘me too’ movement, I hope the needs of a Sander’s campaign staff are adequately met.  Sander’s did specifically address the women from his first failed campaign by offering remorse from the bottom of his heart.  Unfortunately, the Sanders campaign staff felt the need to take matters in their own hand instead of relying on the word of the man running for president.  

Bernie’s campaign staff would Rather be Right - so they must unionize.


Left’s hate solidifies the love of Trump –


When Trump wins his second term in 2020 the democratic response will mimic those of 2016.  We will witness a ton of tears and faces of democratic disbelief standing under a non-blemished glass ceiling. 

Not sure why I torture myself by watching the main stream media comics.  Yesterday Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo showed us they not only lacked journalism skills but their comedian and musical talent is also deplorable.  The duo tormented viewers by liking Trump to Fred Flintstone and Archie Bunker.  Lemon pushed the narrative that Trump believes the ‘advancement of technology is a bad thing’ and continued by suggesting America is going back to the horse and buggy days under the leadership of Trump.  Great examples of fake news because Trump’s directive to the pentagon to create our sixth branch of US military, the Space Force, is a true example of his desire for our nation to advance technically.   The media mocks and generates polar opposite (fake) images of Trump then questions why they are judged as misleading journalism outlets.  Mr. Lemon, please set us straight with the percentage of Americans that look like you holding highly technical careers then call me to sing the Archie Bunker intro.  I am asking because I believe you bring race into a majority of your reporting.  You could have reported that Trump was trying to relate to those not technically inclined, but again you went lower.  Not confident about this Mr. Lemon but I believe Trumps plane is bigger than yours.

The ‘bash Trump at all costs’ is hitting elevated levels (Tim Cook from Apple as Tim Apple – Really). As we get closer to the 2020 election, we will witness adolescent coverage of the Trump administration because they will let bias opinions cloud their professionalism.  If we are so concerned about how we are perceived around the world and want America to achieve as much as possible, why do we make our president look bad with prime time immature coverage of our countries leadership?  Trump is our commander in chief and if you disapprove of his policies or even Trump as an individual, why go to extremes to mock him and generate fake news?  The love of Trump is getting stronger which is proven by the Republican voter approval ratings maintaining 90%.  Left wing radio host Thom Hartman is very puzzled by this 90% approval and questions why Trumps support remains and in fact grows.  Simply put, the comedic reporting by main stream is so negative toward Trump, Americans realize he does not deserve the fake coverage. 

If the left continues to cover the current administration with obvious distain, it will make Trump’s support become iron clad.  Americans, at least the ones that vote, are able to witness the desperate reporting from the main stream.  How pathetic is it when your primary message is anything but Trump?  Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump for months.  As a result of this meaningless assault and ‘witch hunt’, the Speaker of the House recently voiced opposition to the impeach Trump directive.  This is another example of what democrats get accomplished, absolutely nothing.  The hate that has consumed the left over the last two years is staunch but what were they able to deliver other than true obstruction of American progress.

Yes – I’d Rather be Right


Hypocritical is an understatement -


Democrats are really saying – Omar is an inexperienced freshman and Steve King has a history of racial statements.  For this reason we should tolerate Omar’s statements / beliefs.  I can not say anything more than this is what the blue wave brought.  Don’t let this happen again.

Please support our president, It will make a difference for future generations.

If this does not make you Rather be Right, what will?


Nancy just got WOKE -


How quickly the celebratory exuberance of promoting diversity can be extinguished.  It has been slightly over two months since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi swore in House members of the 116th Congress.  Remember the headlines of how historic and diverse the latest House of Representatives was?  I am confident the amount of smiles have been drastically reduced from the photo ops on January 3rd.  Not a great week from a performance perspective for our new Speaker of the House.  You can say Nancy had a bit of trouble with the catastrophic failure anti-Semitic bill that was so watered down we must now acknowledge anti-hate to almost a million different groups.  The spin here is Republicans were not on board.  Well only democrats would need a bill to address hate and struggle getting that accomplished.  It is the democratic party and specifically Congresswomen IIhan Omar that is accused of delivering anti-Semitic messaging.  It is for that reason the House needed to write an anti-hate bill in the first place then look at the Republicans as not being cooperative.  Really?

Now the latest messaging from Freshman Omar is disparaging Obama for his policies while in office.  The very same members of the House that celebrated the first Muslim women to serve in congress are now voicing a message that is not as ‘pioneering’.   Media outlets are reporting comments directed toward freshman Omar include; write her off, let her go into a corner and forget her, don’t give her any attention, let her say what she wants and vile anti-Semitic slur. 

Does this seem like a House in control?  I do not think so but as a Republican I am applauding the democrats attempt to diversify congress and hope the progress they have made continues!! Please!!!   I believe the struggles among democratic house members are just beginning as they will quickly understand the policy ‘anything but Trump’ is an ultimate failure with the outcome being four more years of TRUMP. 

I will admit when the House shifted to democratic control I was concerned.  With recent decisions to elevate investigative pressure into the Trump administration, obvious headwinds within the democratic party, challenging our President to protect our boarders and the assembled field to mount a challenge to Trump in 2020, I am very optimistic for another Trump administration.

Trumps progress and message make sense. Democrats policy of everything for free and impeach our competition will be very challenging for Nancy to pull off.

After this week, I bet Nancy would Rather be Right.


These people are sick –


Paul Manafort was sentenced to 47 months.  Media outlets and evening commentaries did not act like you would think, they acted worse.  The reaction to Manafort’s sentence was so adolescent and yes ‘sick’ it was difficult watching adults act like complete children.  I believe a major contributor to Judge Ellis’s decision was based on common sense.  Prior to Trump’s election, Paul Manafort’s name was a seldom heard and far from the common water cooler discussions of today.  Paul Manafort was another pawn that surfaced in a ‘trumped up’ investigation into a fictious collusion narrative.  The judge went out of his way to mention Manafort’s blameless life and we should question why and how Manafort is facing charges in the first place.  Manafort is guilty but he is first unfortunately guilty of being caught up in a witch hunt.  Without this being spelled out in crayons for the mainstream media it is up to them to connect the dots.  This will not happen because a rudimentary level of intellect is required.

The mainstream feels compelled to report and even adlib to the dominant news of the day.  When Manafort was sentenced, there was not even a close second story so we were subjected to commentary on steroids from the flunkeys.  Even those without JD degrees knew the guidelines for Manafort’s sentencing was between 19-24 years and when the reality of 47 months was given all hell broke out.  I am confident Judge Ellis delivered his sentence based on his exemplary experience and long history of service to his country.  The personalities that consume a majority of the nations screens during prime time constantly resort to bottom feeding tactics.  Just a few of the ignorant comments from the media and contributors included – rich guy privilege, an insulting sentence, very sad day for out country, people with Manafort’s ilk, shocked by sentence, absolute unfairness and the most arrogant commonly used accusation of inequality in sentencing based on race.   If you are in search of ratings and wish to appease to the easily influenced, race comparisons is always a topic that will fill minutes, pay exorbitant salaries and give legal analysts without clients something to do.

Popular networks did not stop with complaining and crying about the sentencing being far less than what prosecutors wanted, they expressed their desire for a longer sentence (and consecutive) to be given by Judge Jackson next week.  How pathetic and polar opposite of true journalism.  Why report news when it is far more interesting to give personal bleeding heart commentary and call it news?  I believe Judge Jackson is just as professional as Judge Ellis and will not have her judgement clouded by media outlets and left wing beliefs that have a vendetta towards President Trump.  Anyone associated with Trump should pay a higher price solely based on association is the true directive of left adolescence.  Why state the obvious or the truth when inserting personal opinions and FAKE news draws the masses?

I respect viewpoints that would Rather be Right.


Tougher to cheat when you are not in control –


This will not take anyone following the political landscape by surprise.  Tom Perez, the current DNC Chairman made the decision not to include FOX as one of the networks to moderate / host any of the Democratic parties debates during the 2020 campaign.  In typical spin the Chairman gave an interview on MSNBC where he expressed his concern that FOX was not competent enough moderate a fair and neutral debate.  After Perez admitted he has respect for Chris Wallace of FOX he continued with his concern FOX is not able to provide a ‘fair shake’.  Repeatedly, Perez focused on the lack of a ‘fair shake’ concern

Now there are daily hypocritical situations in todays politics from both sides but this situation is upsetting on many levels.  Democrats are continually complaining about the message delivered by FOX News and often referring it to an extension of the White House.  In typical Democratic fashion, lets boycott – complain – omit and exclude competition.  Democrats constantly convey the propaganda that every vote matters and messaging matters.  Eliminating FOX as a campaign debate moderator is a decision in direct contract to the message Democrats are so desperate to deliver.

After mentioning respect for Chris Wallace but continuing with the narrative that FOX is not able to provide the ‘fair shake’ Perez is in search of, one should revisit Democrats effort to deliver a ‘fair shake’ during the 2016 debates.  Simply put – was a ‘fair shake’ provided in 2016 during a debate when Hillary Clinton was given answers prior to any other candidate?  This was achieved without any influence from FOX.  FOX was conveniently omitted as a network during the 2016 debates as well.  It is so much easier to cheat on your own turf.  I believe Chris Wallace, Bret Bair or Martha MacCallum (previously with CNBC) are just a few examples of professional moderators (at FOX) completely competent of holding questions confidentially.  It was reported by the Washington Post that the previous interim DNC chair was not even sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton and her only regret was getting caught.    FOX will not provide a lack of control and unprofessionalism the Democrats are in search of and therefore one could expect the breadth of audience will be limited at the direction of Tom Perez. 

Close on this thought – with all the negative attention directed toward Republicans and President Trump by the mainstream media, could you imagine Republicans omitting CNN or NBC for a Republican debate.  What parties actions show inclusion and what party shows exclusion.  

Don’t be excluded be Right.  I’d Rather be Right.



Say it isn’t so, Hillary’s a no go -


In typical demonstrative fashion, Hillary announced she will NOT be running for the highest office in the land in 2020 and who wins….. the entire village.  Not sure what happened but a bulb went off within her mind and she realized how pathetic of a candidate she was and would be.  Look how large the Democratic field of ‘want a bees’ is and growing every day.  In a year that almost anyone with a pulse believes they can lead our country, Hilary has decided to cry from the sidelines instead of behind a podium.  She has vowed to torment us with her words of wisdom and angry theatrics.  There is a silver lining to this news and we will all benefit when her exposure is reduced to levels deserved by someone that did not scratch the glass ceiling yet alone break anything but email servers.  Actually giddy today knowing we will not be subjected to deplorable behavior like cheating at debates or lying about front runner status of a rigged system.  While closing the door on the ‘I’m With Her’ failure we celebrate the sequel being submerged in bleach.  What will the democrat party surprise us with this year?  Who will they decide should represent them?  We may be deplorable but not scared of a party that has a recent history of poor judgement predicting winners. 

She looks angry and hysterical when she speaks.  Violently screaming about fictious crisis which are intended to bolster the empty thought processes of followers blaming all their problems on ‘isms’.  We are all familiar with the ‘isms’ & ‘ists’ speech and can read into the true message.   Since Hilary does not have the competence to run a successful campaign against a fictious sexist, misogynist or white supremacist she needs to continue the narrative and insist dignity and identity are deserved while your hand is supported.  Lets put it where the goats can get it –campaigning on oppressive and demeaning messages will not allow you to call the White House home Unless your message is based on Merit, Merit Merit. 

Just think of all the years of experience Hillary has in public office and she could not pull off a win buy throwing ‘isms’ and ‘ists’ at a man that was considered to have zero chance at winning.  It takes a special kind of person or party to continue a message proven to be a failure.  With insanity and incoherent messaging running rampant throughout the democratic party the approval rating /popularity levels of Trump continue to gain momentum.  This is why we need to pay close attention to messaging from the left.  In 2020, democratic challengers (like Hillary in 2016) will campaign on NOT BEING TRUMP and insisting everyone deserves everything.  Since this is obviously a tried and true – One And Done – strategy, the approach will now focus on SINCE YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM – IMPEACH HIM.   Seriously, this will be the directive of democrats controlling the House.  Republicans – we have effective and efficient messaging on our side and we need to remain vigilant, this fight will soon be over.   Support the progress made over the last two years, support President Trump.   

I’d Rather be Right wouldn’t you.


Everyone can vote they just can’t run


Democrats want you to believe they are the party that stands for voter rights and mandates voter suppression / intimidation will not be tolerated.  This seems like a very likable position that can do no wrong.  Democrats will fight for your right to vote but what happens when someone wants to run for president that the democrats do not approve of?  What if someone has viewpoints that challenge democrats?  What if someone with persuasive opinions or ideas threaten the insignificant and thoughtless platform of the Democratic Party?  Enter Mr. Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks.  Now this is a dilemma facing Democrats because they are rightfully concerned of splitting votes and providing our President a path to a second term.

In typical democratic fashion they need to address this before too much damage is done.  Pull out the democratic play book.  Chapter 1 – Page 1 - Paragraph 1 – Sentence 1 – Word 1 – PROTEST!!!  That’s right, when Democrats do not get their way they should protest, march and boycott.  Boycott, a real favorite in Clintons failed run for the presidency.  Did democrats learn anything from Clinton’s pathetic outcome, not really.  As a matter of fact, they are picking up the ball just where Hillary dropped it and believe a boycott of a famous coffee company based in Seattle is just what the doctor ordered.  The democratic idea to boycott Starbucks until Shultz left the 2020 campaign surfaced.  So the motto: everyone should be able to vote but not everyone should be able to run develops true meaning.  Democrats have so much contempt for Donald Trump they would abandon recognizing the individual rights of Mr. Schultz and disrespect the entrepreneurial objective of an American company that simply is not currently affiliated with Mr. Schultz.  Logic and common sense left the party and in return they are forming a crowded field of candidates offering irrational lack of unity that justifies actions of diminished intellect (for the left wing readers – I mean boycott).

Watching the spectacle for the sidelines, we do not want to provide democrats with the one word they are all guilty of; but we can sarcastically give them the definition.  They continue to do the same things while expecting different results.   While the madness continues, a Trump second term is inevitable. The problems within the democratic party are so drastic, dire and destructive, it will require thought provoking and honest conversations not irrationalism (The Green New Deal) not drastically moving ideology (Socialism) not identity politics (this is to easy – Jusse Smallett) not incompetent behavior (Everything Virginia) not crying about inequality (Is Mr. Schultz equal?) not superficial solutions (Free healthcare, tuition, child care, higher minimum wages and take away guns!) and not lying about wanting to protect our boarders (anti Wall).  It is so easy to see why Trump has such tremendous support and this is the answer to Thom Hartman’s burning question on his show today.  What is it going to take for Trump supporters to abandon him???  How arrogant and misguided.  Do you believe this question could be asked by a liberal talk show host with 20 plus years of experience?  It is refreshing to see so much deep seeded incohesive processing within democratic support.  Simply put Thom, Trump’s support will only grow as the democratic party resorts to outrageous and extreme views and its candidates share a common thread of today’s media – FAKE!

Wouldn't you Rather be Right


The Presidents Speech and Actions Matter


It’s time for a rebuttal that is Right. 

Lets breakdown the messages that have been generated in the media over the weekend.  During a summit with North Korea in Hanoi, President Trump did not generate the desired Nuclear agreement that was sought.  President Trump ‘walked away’ from any negotiated deal.  Although most agree, walking away and NOT positioning the United States in an increasing dysfunctional situation is strategically impressive, major networks chose the low road and discussed a straight line bias approach of bashing our president.  Lets be honest and ask the following questions.  What president prior to President Trump met with or personally negotiated any agreement with North Korea that would benefit  the US?  How many Nuclear tests have commenced during the Trump administration vs previous administrations?  What was the last president (prior to President Trump) to have remains or prisoners returned to American soil?  North and South Korea marched under a single unified flag at the 2018 Winter Games.  Who was the last American President to be considered for the Nobel Piece recognition based on the discussions of peace and denuclearization? Remember, president Trump has only been office for two years and the magnitude of his accomplishments are over showed by a media that has a definite agenda of focusing on our presidents failure.  Prior to the NK Summit the media fell over itself with disparaging remarks and questioning Trumps competence.  The media led us to believe Trumps preparation was casual, not appropriate and nonchalant, he was going to say something incompetent, did not understand the magnitude of the summit, will pursue vague promises, he had a contentious relationship with NK leadership etc. etc. etc.  Polar opposite of our mainstream medias message are the true results.  I believe Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un (or as Rev. Al Sharpton says it Kim Jong Young) is significantly stronger in two years than Obama’s after eight.  Trump is the first sitting American President to met face-to-face with a North Korean leader but not the first to be asked. Previous administrations had (and passed on) the opportunity which makes Trumps two summits truly historic and a bold new approach to diplomacy / denuclearization.  You would be challenged to get this message from the mainstream.  Todays coverage is adolescent at best, some may say FAKE.